Bisti badllnds in snow
image © Robert Luis Chavez

The Cowboys Camp...
This area of the Bisti Badlands is close to the official parking area.


I made it back to camp around 10 pm. and though the adjacent Denazin Wilderness was still holding several inches of new snow, I could not see any new snow in the Bisti. Exhausted and disappointed, I crawled into my tent and fell asleep dreaming of ice cream smooth rows of hoodoos all in gourmet flavors. I awoke several times to the sound of snow hitting the tent and I stayed hopeful there would still be be some snow by morning.

Wednesday morning I woke up to find about a half an inch of overnight snow, and before sunrise I was out shooting. Finally, after all of the trouble just to get to the Bisti in the first place, everything started to click for me. The photo above was from that Wednesday morning. The snow had all melted by about 10 am., except in the deep shade areas. Robert Luis Chavez