unusual formations in the Bisti

Reclining Figure, Bisti/Denazin Wilderness, NM

image © Robert Luis Chavez


"The Wonders of the Bisti" is scheduled to open May 1, 2016 at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science in Albuquerque. Myself and a group of nineteen other photographers are participating in a group exhibit of photography from the Bisti/Denazin Wilderness. Photographer Eduardo Fuss really was the genesis for the project when he started exploring and photogrpahing the Bisti Wilderness over twenty years ago. Others have photographed the Bisti Badlands and even published books, notably David Scheinbaum, who is also in the show, but Fuss has seen and photographed more of the Bisti than any other human being to date. His work eventually influenced a small group of mostly Santa Fe Photographers. Fuss' decades of work and the resulting work by the individual photographers will now be part of an informational and photographic exhibit, see the website at


ghost ranch's painted desert and Chimney rock
image © Robert Luis Chavez

Late Twilight in the Bisti Badlands.

overlook of chimney rock
image © Robert Luis Chavez

The flying things in late twilight, Bisti Badlands


Kent Bowser continues to teach black and white landscape photography at Ghost Ranch with several offerings throughout the year. Would you like to brush up on photography skills that you haven't used for awhile? Are you a begginner who is interested in working in a real darkroom with film and paper? Whatever your level of interest, there is probably a class for you at Ghost Ranch's upgraded and well maintained darkroom facilities. You can also take one on one classes with Kent Bowser in his private darkroom in Santa Fe. For a description and calendar of Kent's classes, and more of Kent Bowser's photography see Bowser's updated guest pages. Kent also printed the William Parker Little images seen on this site.


 pedicab driver on the santa fe plaza Hey, guess what? After driving and helping to manage for many years, I'm now the owner of Santa Fe Pedicabs (, here is a page that shows if am working today on the pedicab along with some pedicab FAQs. So come and take a ride with your favorite artist (ha ha) when you are in downtown Santa Fe.


See more of my images from New Mexico and the desert southwest: Lightning pictures. Also, see work by other Santa Fe photographers who are featured guest artists. Lastly, I've listed some favorite and cool sites on the links.


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