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Q: Are you pictures digital?
A: Yes and no: All the images you see for sale here are shot on film. For color prints I have the slide scanned on a high end drum scanner, then I can print on quite a few different types of media from the digital file.

Q: Are Your Pictures Photoshopped Or Manipulated?
A: The only photoshopping or manipulation in the computer is to reproduce the image for prints and to match color and contrast to what I have on the film. I photograph the natural world, all of the images you see here are of "real" events.

Q: But How Do You Get Lightning And Colors Like You Do?
A: That's my speciality. By choosing the subject and the time of day, mostly night and twilight, I am able to capture some fantastic light and colors.

Q: Why Do The Prints Look Different Than On My Computer?
A: Many factors can affect this: First the same image will almost alway look "brighter" on a computer monitor than in a print. The main reason is that a monitor is transmitted light while a print is reflected light. Many modern computer screens are extremely bright, and are also capable of displaying a wide range of contrast. Calibration of monitors is also an important factor that affects color and brightness. Keep in mind that the best light for viewing prints is not always the best light for viewing your monitor, and vice versa. In any case, if you are unhappy with your prints in any way, I offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Q: Why Do Certain Print Orders Take So Long?
A: Prints are custom made to order, and I use a number of photo labs in Santa Fe, Arizona, Texas, and California depending on what I need. For an Ilfochrome print for example, if I need a drum scan first, that takes 2 to 3 days. Once the scan is spotted and corrected, I upload the digital file to Weldon Color Labs in Los Angeles and it takes about two weeks for the print to arrive at my door. Once I have the finished print I cut a mat, then I can package and ship the final product. See product delivery times on the terms of service page

Q: There Are Tons Of Labs That Print On Ilfochrome, Why Do You Use A Lab Way Out In Los Angeles?
A: Weldon Color Labs is the only place I know of that can print Ilfochrome from a digital file using a lightjet. The advantages of using this system are many, including no dust spots, infinitely more control over color and contrast, as well as being able to repeat the process exactly when I need another print. These advantages apply to the other prints I offer as well.

Q: Are Your Photographs Archival?
A: Yes, all fine prints offered are on archival materials, and are mounted with corner mounts on archival museum quality mat board.

Q: Why Don't You Offer All Of Your Prints For Sale?
A: Usually it's a time issue or work issue: I try to put the images that I think will sell in the store, but if there is an image you are interested in that's not in the store, please contact me to find out the availability of that item.

Q: Why Aren't All Prints Offered At Large Size?
A: Mostly it's a quality control issue, and in most cases where an 8 x 10, or 12 x 18 color print is the largest size offered, I may have lost the original film and can't make a better scan than what I've got.

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