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Archival Materials
All of the fine print types I have for sale here are printed on archival materials. Mat boards, corner mounts, hinge and mounting tapes are all museum archival quality. Except for giclees, prints are mounted on three corners on a backing mat board, then a second mat goes over with a window cut to show the print and hide the mounting. Mat boards are signed and titled, Ilfochrome and giclees will show the number of the edition. I also sign and note the back of each print with information on the materials used, title, and the edition number when applicable.

Actual Print Size
In order to archivally mount prints, there needs to be a border on the edges of the print for corner mounts. So, except for giclee prints, where the image area is printed to the edges and slighty around the corners of the frame, image areas are slighly smaller than the paper surface. For example, on an 11x14 print, the actual image size is approximately 13.5 x 9 inches. On an 8x10 print the actual image size is approximately 9.5 x 6.3 inches.

Mat Board Sizing
All fine prints except for giclees are mounted and window matted. 11x14 inch prints are mounted on a 16x20 mat, and 8x10s are mounted on an 11x17. Contact me first if you need a custom mat size, custom mat sizes are $10 extra.

Ilfochrome Glossy- Musuem Quality, Limited Edition of 40
Ilfochromes are the top offering here and have been my first choice prints for collectors and Museums. Ilfochromes use metallic dyes in the paper and that gives prints a really nice luster. The film is scanned on a high end drum scanner then spotted, color corrected, and adjusted for proper contrast. Finally a print is made using a Lightjet. As far as I know, Weldon Color Lab is the only place I know of that prints to Ilfochrome like this, and the results are stunning. Ilfochromes are limited to a single edition of forty.

Fuji Crystal Archive Glossy
Fuji Crystal Archive is a standard choice for archival quality prints, and has long been used by photographers for displays and art shows.

Kodak Endura Metallic Glossy
Here's another option for those who like the the look of Ilfochromes. Kodak has developed it's Endura Metallic paper with a proprietary recipe. The paper uses laminates that almost give a three dimensional look, super glossy with rich blacks and vibrant color.

Hahnemühle FineArt, Matte Or Pearl
Hahnemühle has long been in the business of making fine art papers, and now they are working with inkjet manufacturers keeping their products in pace with modern print making aesthetics. These prints are made on high end Cannon inkjet printers with archival inks. I offer a choice of pearl or matte.

Giclee, Limited Edition Of 40
Cotton canvas with archival inks sealed with a UV resistant coating. The canvas is stretched on a frame that can be hung right on the wall or put inside another frame with or without glass. Giclee prints have been the choice of prints for fine art reproduction, and photographers as well. These are made the way inkjet prints are made, but on a high end machine that can print on canvas. People often mistake my photography for paintings and especially when printed as Giclees, so this a nice choice if you want something that looks different from traditional photography. The image you choose can make a real difference, the more fantastic the image the stronger the illusion the the image is a painting.

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